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historical fiction Russia

My Books

Once upon a time I had a single published novel. Now I have many, spread across three series: Legends of the Five Directions, its spinoff Songs of Steppe & Forest, and Tarkei Chronicles—as well as the stand-alone original novel, The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel. When Five Directions Press got ready to release Song of the Shaman, it became clear that a single book page had become unwieldy, so I redesigned the site to feature a page for each of my Russian series, one for the other novels, and one for box sets. Those individual pages can be reached from the home page, but if you landed here because of an old link, just click the cover of the book that interests you in the gallery below, and it will take you to the appropriate listing. And many thanks for your interest in my books. I love writing, but to know that people actually read (and, I hope, enjoy) my novels is a special gift.

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